Custom solutions require a custom relationship.

At All Star Corrugated, we believe in making strong first impressions. Our customers come to us for packaging solutions that are consistent with their brand and the individual needs of their product. Packaging is the first part of our clients’ product that their customer sees. Our experienced sales team knows how to customize box solutions to effectively protect and promote that product at every stage on its journey. Each of our clients works one-on-one with a dedicated All Star salesperson to develop box and wrapping concepts that are designed with the success of their brand in mind.

Since 1983, the All Star Corrugated family has served the Dallas/Fort Worth area’s packaging needs with a dedication to superior customer service and a passion for understanding the ins and outs of innovative structural design. We pride ourselves on our high tech production facility and our corrugated specialists’ ability to match color, sample size, and styles to develop personalized solutions for each customer. Our team is committed to taking the time to understand what our customers want and need for their product and to delivering high quality packaging solutions that meet and exceed their expectations.

All Star Corrugated is pleased to be Dallas/Fort Worth’s local packaging supplier for high quality, cost effective, and custom-printed packaging, providing our clients with a competitive advantage in a marketplace of impersonal, one-size-fits-all templates. With the machining capacity to innovate and over thirty years of industry experience in developing packaging treatments tailored to the needs of our customers, All Star is able to adapt to the needs of each individual client and product to deliver superior box and wrapping solutions at competitive prices.

If you’re looking for a custom-built solution to your organization’s packaging needs, let our team of knowledgeable specialists at All Star Corrugated help. Your product is important to you. Don’t settle for what works for someone else. Let us show you why the All Star family’s commitment to quality and customer service is the best in the metroplex.